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Who are WE?

Ardeshir Cowasjee Centre for Writing provides one-on-one consultancy to students on their writing projects. In a 40-45 minutes session, students can discuss their respective projects at any point of their writing projects. The scope of consultation ranges from idea generation to review of final draft; and projects for consultation range from short essays to PhD dissertations and scholarly papers for academic journals. Whereas, students can avail the facility of walk in sessions, it is encouraged that they take an appointment by emailing the centre’s administrative executive. As one of its kind academic facility at the campus, the centre welcomes students from all the programmes offered at IBA as well as the rest of IBA community for any writing related need.

The consultation process is a fluid discussion on students’ writing, one project at a time. The focus of each session is finalized after a brief needs analysis. During the session the aspects earlier agreed upon are discussed that can range from basic level structural issues to complex stylistics concerns.

A feedback mechanism is devised for better insight and future guidelines. Writing Centre consultants record their observations on an online feedback form. Data compilation is done through an online solution which allows the centre not only to keep a track of their own activities but also reflect on their pedagogical approach for further consultancy sessions.

The consultants at ACCW are senior students hired through a rigorous recruitment process that includes a writing test, mock consultation session and an interview . After which, the selected consultants undergo a training session to be equipped with the required skilled for providing guidance on writing projects. Finally, once deemed suitable enough, the consultants start with their own independent consultation sessions where they help student writers become more cognizant of their own writing process by providing individualized feedback.

Besides working with students on their research projects, including essays, reports and theses, ACCW also schedules book clubs and writing workshops for faculty, students and staff at IBA.

Working hours are 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., Monday to Saturday.

The Idea of Writing Centres

"There is no royal path to good writing’ and such paths as do exist do not lead to neat critical garden, various as they are, but through the jungles of self, the world and of craft."

~ Jassymn West

Acquisition of writing skill is a complex process; writing does not come naturally to us. It takes time, demands attention, and is quite a ruthless endeavor. Good writing, above all else, needs a reason to exist. Powerful writings leave an impression; compel the reader to feel and think in alternative ways about the same mundane object or subject rather than be apathetic. Therefore, it is essential is to know why we write what we write, so that we are able to refine and form our idea in such a way that our writing is capable of communicating its depth and intensity.

And this is basically the idea of the writing centre in an academic setting: a place to help the students engage in metacognition, i.e. to think about the act of thinking itself, so that the writer is cognizant of their writing process. Writing centres manifest the realization that writing is a discursive process and a grammar fix approach could be detrimental for the growth of writers. Individualized consultancy sessions allow consultants to make writers self-conscious of their own blind spots.

Services Offered


  • Undergraduate
    • One-on-one consultation on writing projects
  • Graduate
    • One-on-one consultation on writing projects
    • Workshops on dissertation writing
    • Writing Retreat
  • Executive Education
    • Customized Workshops for PGD students,
    • One-on-one consultation on writing projects


  • Consultation on Academic Papers

Research Centres

  • Consultation on Academic Papers


  • Customized Workshop after Need analysis
  • One-on-one consultation on their professional writings