Who Are We?

Ardeshir Cowasjee Centre for Writing provides one-on-one consultancy to students on their writing projects. Tutors (who are senior students at the IBA) help interested students in their writing process and in reviewing drafts of works ranging from short essays to PhD dissertations and other scholarly works.
The consultation process is a fluid discussion on students’ writings. The focus of each session can range from basic structural issues to complex stylistics concerns.
The centre also has feedback mechanism. This allows Writing Centre consultants to record their observations on an online feedback form. This enables them to keep a track of each session's progress for further consultancy.
ACCW also schedules book clubs and writing workshops for students, faculty and staff members at the IBA.
Working hours are 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m, Monday to Saturday.

The Idea of Writing Centers

Writing centres in academic settings help the students engage in metacognition, i.e. to think about the act of thinking itself. By doing so, the writer is cognizant of their writing process. Writing centres manifest the realization that writing is a discursive process and a grammar fix approach could be detrimental to the growth of writers. Individualized consultancy sessions allow consultants to make writers self-conscious of their own blind spots.

Services Offered


  • Undergraduate
    • One-on-one consultation on writing projects
  • Graduate
    • One-on-one consultation on writing projects
    • Workshops on dissertation writing
    • Writing Retreat
  • Executive Education
    • Customized Workshops for PGD students,
    • One-on-one consultation on writing projects


  • Customized Workshop after Need analysis
  • One-on-one consultation on their professional writings

Research Centres

  • Consultation on Academic Papers


  • Consultation on Academic Papers